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Trout Lily Market specializes in fresh, local and organic products

Trout Lily began as a dream over 15 years ago


In 1998 a partnership was formed between Susan Bost, Annie Louise Perkinson and Isaiah Perkinson to create the Trout Lily Market.  The origin of Trout Lily was rooted in their vision to promote a healthy lifestyle for their neighbors and themselves, by providing a place to purchase fresh, local, organic foods and natural products. After Trout Lily was established in the community, Annie Louise shifted her focus to her Flying Cloud Farm.  She and Isaiah now grow vegetables, fruits and flowers using sustainable methods and sell directly to various markets around Asheville, and through their CSA. Susan took over the ownership and management of Trout Lily Market.  She has a long history of sourcing over 70% of her food for her family from her garden and pasture and has been promoting local and sustainable foods long before the “SLOW FOODS” movement began.

Small is beautiful, but variety is the spice of life

organic local foods asheville


What started as a one day a week food co-op has blossomed into a small, full-service market specializing in fresh, local and organic products.  While Trout Lily has chosen to stay small, it offers the community convenient access to a wide variety of the highest quality grocery and wellness products. Trout Lily also offers fast and convenient prepared food in its deli section that promotes health, delights the palate and fits the lifestyle of its customers and community. Many of the customers Trout Lily serves have busy schedules, and these customers want freshly prepared food that they can just grab and go.  The deli menu is carefully designed to meet the dietary needs and culinary interests of the Trout Lily customers and continues to evolve as the number of customers grows.

The quality of the food is the seed for the quality of one’s health

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Trout Lily offers a wide selection of high quality natural, organic and wellness products with a strong emphasis on sourcing from local and regional suppliers whose products meet its high quality standards.  Each product is evaluated and must meet strict quality criteria.  Trout Lily is committed to providing foods that are fresh, nutritious and support and promote health. Trout Lily is also dedicated to offering its customers the opportunity to sample and take home the creations of local artisans that also meets the Trout Lily quality standards. fresh seafood asheville

A Bit About the Humble Trout Lily

yellow-adders-tongue-2The Yellow Adder’s Tongue is a small and beautiful native North Carolina flower that grows in rich moist mountain soil. Its stalk, bulbs, flower and buds are edible raw or cooked. Eat these sparingly as they can emetic. The plant only has two leaves, so always harvest responsibly!

Directions to our Store:

1297 Charlotte Hwy.   Fairview, NC 28730

Phone: (828) 628-0402

email: troutlilymarket@gmail.com

Trout Lily Market is located at 1297 Charlotte Hwy, (also known as 74E-A), in the heart of Fairview North Carolina

From I-40   take exit 53-A to 74E-A towards Fairview, Bat Cave, Chimney Rock, and Lake Lure.  The store is 4 miles on the right

From I -240   go  east until it becomes Hwy. 74-A towards Fairview, Bat Cave, Chiminey Rock, and Lake Lure.  The store is 4 miles on the right.

From Fletcher   take Cane Creek Rd. towards Fairview.  At the stoplight in Fairview, turn left.  The store is about 2 miles on your left.

From Lake Lure   take 74W-A through Chimney Rock, Bat Cave and into Fairview.  The store is on the right,  a couple blocks past the Fairview Elementary School, next  to KD’s BP gas station.