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Craft-BrewsLocal – National – International Brews In Our Coolers!

Stop by and pick up a six pack of a favorite or new brew to try at home – or as a thoughtful gift. We offer a wide variety of beers from our local breweries, as well as, from across the nation and the world. Don’t see your favorite? Ask and we may be able to special order it and keep it on the shelves for you….


Nebraska Brewing Company

NebraskaBrewingCompanyWorld Class in Every Glass ~ When it comes to our beer, we learned over time that simply barrel aging and kegging beer did 2 things.  First, it created broad demand for beers from the really cool, but really small brewery located in Nebraska.  The second thing that it did for us was to create so much demand that we found ourselves brewing to fill orders instead of brewing to continue the fun we first found when we opened the brewpub. Enter the production brewery.  An expansion of pure capacity to meet pent-up demand allowed us to fill those larger orders that kept getting shorted and allow the brewpub to get back to its innovative roots.  The brewery is where you’ll find great tours of the facility, a much larger expansion of our barrel aging program, a beautiful tap / tasting room, and a wonderful meeting space adjacent to the tap room for private parties or business meetings.  The largest and most accoladed brewery in Nebraska has something to offer – you really should check it out.  Just sayin’ Learn more

Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider

SamuelSmithCiderA medium dry cider with brilliant straw colour, light body, clean apple flavour and a gentle apple blossom finish. Samuel Smith’s makes this cider at a small, independent British brewery, the oldest brewery in Yorkshire. Learn more.

Green Man Brewery

GreenManBreweryThe legendary Green Man has existed for centuries but it’s no myth that he’s been brewing great beer in Asheville since 1997. As one of North Carolina’s oldest breweries, Green Man has been producing some of the beer scene’s most iconic ales. Our offerings are consistently recognized for quality as well as loyalty to traditional English styles. Additionally, our brewers strive to bring innovative and exciting new flavors to beer loving folks. Learn More

Peak Brewing Company

PeakOrganicPeak is a craft brewing company, dedicated to making delicious beer using local, artisan and organic ingredients.
With roots in home brewing back in the 90s, brewer Jon Cadoux set about combining his love for beer with an ethic for sustainability. Whenever possible, he would go out and find ingredients from local organic farmers for his homebrews.  It was a defining day when Jon discovered that you don’t need to sacrifice flavor for sustainability, but that better ingredients actually made the beer more delicious. Learn more.

Epic Brewing

EpicBrewingDavid Cole and Peter Erickson are the founders and co-owners of Epic Brewing Company. Cole and Erickson, originally from California, started an international aquaculture company in Utah in 1992. In 2008, Utah law changed allowing these two entrepreneurs to pursue their longtime dream of opening a strong beer microbrewery in Utah, like those they frequented in the Golden State. Together, they have teamed with Brewmaster Kevin Crompton, formerly from Bohemian Brewery. Crompton has been brewing for more than 20 years (since 1994) and has brewed for three Utah breweries and another in Hawaii. Learn more.

Samuel Smith’s Brews

SamuelSmithAll Samuel Smith’s beers are brewed solely from authentic natural ingredients without any chemical additives, raw material adjuncts, artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

All Samuel Smith’s beers and ciders are suitable for a vegan diet (except cask conditioned Old Brewery Bitter and bottled Yorkshire Stingo). Learn more.

Caldera Brewing Company

CalderaBrewerylocated in Ashland, Oregon, is dedicated to producing uncompromising quality ales, lagers, sodas and cuisine. In 2005, Caldera became the first craft brewery on the West Coast to brew and can its own beer, helping to start a revolution. Today, six of Caldera’s most popular beers are available in cans, with several more currently available in 22 oz bottles, and there’s more on the way. Learn more.

Highland Brewery

HighlandBreweryWe want to be the brewery of choice in the Southeast. To achieve that goal, we believe it takes more than great beer. With each new hire, it doesn’t take long to learn Oscar’s mantra: Honesty, integrity and respect. Nothing about beer, not specifically. But the larger ideals that lead to great beer – caring about how it’s made, caring for the people involved, from the grain farmer to the mom at the grocery store. Operating within these lines gives rise to a culture around a product. A culture that is sustainable for our employees, our customers and our environment. Learn more.