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Nutritional Supplements

Trout Lily Market carries only the finest nutritional supplements in our store. We have knowledgeable staff who can direct you to the ones that will be right for you and your family’s needs. If you don’t see your preferred supplements from the brands below or others, let us know, we may be able to order these for you.

Garden of Life

kindorganicsgardenoflife2Kind Organics Whole Food Multi is Certified Organic, Non-GMO verified and Vegan. We carry most GOL products including Vegan b-12 and d3, Vitamin Code Liquid Multi, Vitamin Code Kids, Super Seed Fiber, Raw Protein, Fuco Thin (weight loss support), and all probiotics including Colon Care, Vaginal Care, 5 Day Max Care, Kids Defense, and Primal Defense

Alicia“I’m so excited! For years I’ve been looking for a vitamin that didn’t exist. It was so frustrating to read all the chemicals that were used in “he althy” products. It wasn’t just the synthetic binders and fillers such as magnesium stearate that turned me off. It was knowing that the entire pill started off as a chemical replica of the great vitamins found only in food. Why couldn’t they just start with the food itself? “ Alicia Silverstone Click here to read the rest of this interview with Alicia.


GaiaWe carry a full line of kid support including Black Elderberry Syrup, warming chest rub, sleep and relax, attention daily, kids defense (immune support), tummy tonic, sniffle support, and calm restore. Our Adult line includes but not limited to Gaia tinctures, Supreme Allergy, Turmeric Pain, Pain P.M., Joint Health, Hair Skin and Nails, Mental Alertness, Male and Female Libido, Glycemic Health, Deep Liver Support, Prostate Health, Holy Basil, Rhodiola, Eluethero, Adrenal health, Energy Vitality, Thyroid Support, Urinary Tract Health, Vision enhancement, Lactation Support, Reflux relief, Gas and Bloating, Para Shield, Maca Powder, Spirulina, Sleep and Relax. I really like Gaia to be a feature in the store since they are local, mostly organic, sustainable and one of the only companies out there that test purity and quality at least 3 times before it reaches the shelf. Click here to learn more.

Woodland Essence

woodlandessenceNasal Spray Formula, Eluethero, Alchornea, B. Skullcap, Bidens, Boneset, Cryptolepis, C.S.A Formula, Five Mushroom Formula, Japanese Knotweed, Kudzu, Red Root, Red Reishi, Rhodiola, and Sida. I can write what each of these is used for or we can post on website consultations available.  Click here to learn more.



floraIron + Herbs, Intestcare, Herbal Bitters, Hawthorn with hibiscus and passion flower for healthy heart, Grape Seed Extract, Red Beet ( freeze dried to make an easy beet juice), Sleep Essence, Flor-Essence gentle detox, 7 Sources Oil, Flax Oil and a their full line of probiotics. Click here to learn more.

Herb Pharm

herbpharmArtemesia ,Arnica oil, Adrenal support, Astragalus, Asian Ginseng, Brain and Memory, Cinnamon, Eyebright, Dandelion, Fungus Fighter, Lobelia, Kava, Lomatium, Oregon Grape, Pau d’ arco, PMS comfort, Passionflower, Reishi, Smokers Assist, St. John’s Wort, Nettle Blend, Stone Breaker, Sugar Metabolism, Thuja, THme, Red Raspberry, Valerian – Click here to learn more.

Essential Formulas

essentialformulasFull line of probiotics including Propolis Plus, Detox and Liver Health, Immune and Vitality, and Essential Living Oils. Several studies on the website explains why the probiotics are effective. Learn More.




Cordyceps, Immune, Reishi, and Beauty Learn more.

Mountain Well Being



Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver Aloe Vera Gel ( very helpful for sunburn, scrapes, cuts, and burns), Colliodal Silver Lotion ( helpful for dry skin, eczema) Learn more.