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Trout Lily Market is your destination for fresh seafood every Friday and Saturday! From Cape Fear Coast Seafood. We carry fresh and frozen seafood from Cape Fear Coast Seafood and frozen, smoked, and trout dips from Sunburst Trout Co.

Cape Fear Coast Seafood


Trout Lily is your destination for Cape Fear Coast Seafood every Friday (11am-6pm) and Saturday (10am-til it’s gone!). Since 2003, we have delivered a superior product, directly from the boat. Sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you updated of fresh catches and deliveries. Now carrying a wide variety of seafood caught fresh daily and in our brand new building adjacent to Trout Lily Deli and Market. Stop by and pick up the freshest seafood in the area. Featuring: shrimp, grouper, crab, oysters and more! The seafood comes from Wilmington, NC. Fish are caught during the week, loaded up and packed with ice for its journey for the sea to the mountains arriving   Friday morning – We apologize for any inconvenience but no sales can be made before 11am – before this time we are unpacking and preparing all the fresh catch for sale. Customers are welcome to call ahead and have Vonnie reserve any seafood for them, as long as it is in stock. Phone # (828) 778-0578   Vonnie Miller “chief fishmonger-ess” You can also sign up for their newsletters here to learn more about the current offering, prices, and more.


Our new digs at Trout Lily – sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or something delicious from the Deli at our new picnic area!

Cape Fear Coast Seafood is literally your line to the man who caught it. We have established our reputation by delivering fresh seafood directly from the boats of NC fishing families, to our extended families. We have minimized the time between catch and table in the most cost effective manner. For you, this means access to the freshest seafood imaginable today. Find out more at their website: Cape Fear Coast Seafood.

Sunburst Trout Farm


Founded in 1948, Sunburst Trout Farms has been family owned and operated for 3 generations.

Sunburst Trout was founded in 1948 and has been family owned and operated for 3 generations. Here at Trout Lily Market we are carrying Sunburst Trout fresh trout fillets, smoked trout fillets, cold smoked trout, trout dip, and trout jerky.

We sell:

  • hot smoked trout
  • fresh trout fillets
  • trout dip
  • cold smoked trout
  • trout jerky

We are Green Here at Sunburst Trout

We make every attempt to maintain the quality of the environment through numerous efforts. Our water for the cultivation of our trout is used only four times before it is put into a holding pond where it is allowed to settle out the limited amount of solids which remains in suspension upon leaving the the last cultivation raceway. We monitor the water quality to assure that no change occurs to the integrity of the stream. Our special feed formulas are also low in phosphorus which helps contribute to maintaining the pristine quality of the water. Learn more.

Sunburst Trout is:

  • Sustainably Raised in waters from the Shining Rock National Wilderness

  • 3rd generation family-owned & operated


  • Farm-raised

  • Made in the USA

  • Hormone & Animal by-product FREE

  • Certified lab testedfree of PCB’s, Mercury, or any pesticides